Sectional garage door ECO 20mm     

Sectional garage door should be both aesthetic and functional. The design, durability and safety are important features of every garage door.

The sectional garage door combines all of these elements, ensuring the highest usage comfort. Moreover, every Gros garage door is produced pursuant to custom order as there is no such thing as typical dimensions – every door is adapted to Client's needs.


Residential and utility buildings, garages.

 The most important features

  • 1Door opened verticaly upwards, leaving free space inside and outside of the garage.
  • 2Door composed of panels, vertical and horizontal tracks with steel accessories.
  • 3Produced on individual dimensions (max width 3000mm and height 2500mm). All CE certificates required by law.
  • 4Opened manually or automatically.
  • 5Door available in white (RAL 9016) or anthracite (RAL 7016) colours. Panel flat, in smooth structure.
  • 6Additional equipment such as locks, grips, windows and service wickets improves comfort of use.


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Sectional panels are 500mm and 555mm high and selected accordingly to door’s height. Panel is 20mm thick, made of galvanized metal plates and painted.
Panel filled with insulated polyurethane foam. Construction of panel prevents from crushing fingers.


Door equipped with series of protections such as anti -crushing panels, spring break devices or photocells.

Thermal insulation

20mm thick panel filled with polyurethane foam.
Door’s circuit is protected with system of fixed seals (seals between panels, upper, lower and side seals).
Door ideal for non-heated rooms.


Every door is produced individually (max width 3000mm and height 2500mm).
Different types of guides enable to install door both in new and already existing buildings.


Manual operated door easily opened throughout use of shaft with torsion spring which balance weight of door.
Use of operator makes that direct drive into garage is safe and we are not exposed to unfavorable weather conditions.


RAL 7016
RAL 9016