Rolling garage door T 77

The rolling garage door is especially suitable for facilities with less favoured development conditions or in places, where the space is of special importance.

Such garage doors are a good alternative to sectional garage doors, as the curtain fully wounds on the shaft hidden in the housing. This solution allows to save the space normally required for tracks of the sectional garage door.

Every Gros rolling garage door is produced pursuant to custom order – the dimension, colour and additional equipment is adapted to Client's needs.

Produkt - zastosowanie


Residential and utility buildings, garages.

 The most important features

  • 1Door opened upwards, leaving free space inside and outside of the garage.
  • 2Composed of aluminum profiles, vertical tracks and box.
  • 3Produced on individual dimensions.
  • 4Operated automatically.
  • 5Wide range of colours enables to match door to other elements of building.
  • 6Additional equipment or protection improves comfort of use.

Sample projects

Przekrój bramy

Aluminium profile

Przekrój bramy

Bottom profile

 Aluminium profile

Profile with 77mm height and 18mm thickness is made of high class aluminum slats, coated with paint or wood-like PVC. Filled with polyurethane foam.

 Bottom profile

Bottom profile with 77mm height and 18mm thickness is made of high class aluminium slats coated with paint.

 Additional equipment

Our rolling garage door can be equiped with 4 different types of additional profiles, you can check out available options below.

Glass profile

Ventilation profile

Profile with windows

Profile with ventilation grills


Door equipped with series of protections such as photocells, inertial brake or safety edge minimizes risk of accidents.

Thermal insulation

18mm thick panels filled with polyurethane foam. Door has rubber - brushed seals in vertical tracks and rubber seal in lower profile which reduce loss of heat and suppress noise.   


Every door is produced individually. 12 standard colours and 2 wood-like may be chosen from offer. Installation of door is quick and easy.

Additional equipment

Wide range of additional equipment improves comfort of use.                      


Door opend automatically. Door’s curtain rolls on shaft hidden in aluminum box. Use of operator makes that direct drive into garage is safe and we are not exposed to unfavorable weather conditions.


Light beige
Moss green
Velvety brown
Cream white
Light grey
Jamaican brown
Golden oak